traveling in tanzania

Taking the local transit known as a dala dala can be rather tricky and a potentially uncomfortable proposition for most. Often these small vans are packed well beyond the 12-passenger seating capacity and completely disregard the manufacturer's safety requirement. Interestingly, it is not uncommon to find one loaded with 20+ people and you yourself holding someone else's child.  You may even experience a stranger using your lap as a seat. Do not be troubled if you find yourself next to a squawking chicken, bed mattress or massive bag of maize; it's all part of the culture and positively an experience not to miss. 

Photographing or taking video of the locals can also be quite a challenge.  My strategy is to cradle my camera like a baby at waist height and record while walking. The simple truth is if I were to be caught the repercussions could prove harsh and I would inevitably be the loser of any confrontation.